Materials-light (-free) teaching resources

Chia Suan Chong’s blog includes a fine video explanation and detailed examples of how to do her version of materials-light teaching, walking into the classroom “with nothing but a pen” as she describes it, based on Scott Thornbury’s concept of Dogme EFL. Even if, like me, you feel that going completely materials free all the time is kind of drastic, Chia’s ideas are very useful for those times when you’re forced to do without your usual planning and resources—when you have to do a last minute substitution for a sick colleague for example.

I suspect that her methods are easier for an experienced and confident teacher than for one new to the profession, but I can’t help but be impressed by how well she incorporates truly learner-centred conversation with a great deal of lexis and grammar work. She seems to not to do very much writing with her students though, which seems a shame as the reduce preparation times her approach allows would let the teacher spend more time giving useful feedback on students writing.

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