Presentation skills, some links

Just a few links I gathered recently while looking for ways of improving my students’ presentation skills.

University of Leeds: Presentation skills

A wealth of links and resources for teaching students how to present better: lesson plans, classroom activities, online activities (including videos), even a list of useful books.

There’s also a companion site design for students to use to help themselves.

Barclays UK: Life Skills YouTube videos

These cover a number of topics including body language and eye-contact and the narrators are near our students’ age. The accents can be pretty strongly British.

Rice University: The Cain Project in Engineering and Professional Communication

One of my favorite sites for presentation skills, it presents videos in sets of 4. Some of the videos are good examples of presentations skills in use, some of them are decidedly…not. Good for showing students the difference and can provoke discussion or be used for homework.

Toastmasters: Free resources

Toastmasters has lots of material on its website.

Including a set of videos, such as one on what not to do

There’s also a 22-page booklet called Improving your speaking voice, which includes many exercises to help with breathing, articulations, etc.

Brown University: Class presentation skills

A 44-page pdf booklet covering all aspects of presentation skills.

This booklet is one of a bunch of resources linked to on Brown’s page on classroom communication and public speaking.

Washington University: Improving presentation style

This page is mainly aimed at helping professors improve their lectures, but there’s good advice for our students too. Also, there are several good links near the bottom of the page.

Speaking out: Teaching presentation skills

A detailed lesson plan for practicing presentation skills. Includes ppt and video.

ESL Library: Teaching presentation skills

Not quite as comprehensive as some of the other links, but probably closer to the level my students are starting at.

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