TED Talks as a resource

A collection of over 500 lectures which are usually informative, often inspiring, and sometimes, yes, a little wacky. Ranging from 3 to, more commonly, close to 20 minutes long.

What I really like about these lectures as self-study tools for students though are the subtitles.  Many of the lectures have the option to turn on subtitles in multiple possible languages (one of which is almost always English). This means students can easily watch the video without subtitles, then, when the language gets confusing they can go back and turn on the subtitles for the hard to understand section. Admittedly, they can often do this on their TVs too, but these subtitles, at least the English ones, seem higher quality than the ones often available on television, and the range of subjects means there’s likely something there any student might find interesting, and the nature of the lectures, as lectures, makes them especially useful as academic English or test prep practice.

TED Talks as a resource